Hussein El-Heib, Director of the Hazor National Park and our guide at Hazor, stood tall, dressed in jeans and a cotton shirt.  Atop his head rested a cowboy's hat.  He was tanned and weathered, his English broken, and his passion for the land he stands over obvious. 

As he spoke to us in Hebrew, extending his arms to the upper city of what was once the great city of Hazor, we were captivated by all he had to say (interpreted by our tour guide, Miriam).

It seemed that even Mount Hermon, which rose in the distance, was paying attention to this man who loved both the God of Israel and the legacy He had left as a testament to His greatness.

Mr. El-Heib then took us into the lower city.  Like inexperienced rock climbers, we literally had to climb down, with each step moving further back in time, seeing the remains of first one civilization and then another. 

Finally we reached what Mr. El-Heib had been so anxious to show us from the beginning.  Pulling back a piece of blue tarp, he revealed a lower section of a stone wall. 

"Look at the stones," he said.  "Joshua's fire was of such intensity, when we discovered this layer of the city, we found the soot still clinging to the walls."  He then told us to lean over a short bolder and touch the wall, to feel the soot on our fingertips.

As we leaned forward, Mr. El-Heib's thick brogue rang perfectly clear: "Touch the Bible," he said with extreme reverence.

It was then that I "fell into the Bible"...and in love with God all over again. I was struck with a new realization that this was not only where it all happened, this was the land of testimony.

As Mr. El-Heib helped me to my feet, I leaned forward once more and touched the proof of God's power when man brings himself to submission to His will for our lives.  I rubbed the ashes on a rock I'd picked up near my feet, and brought the rock home.

A Different Fire


As a Spirit-filled Christian, the Holy Spirit's fire dwells with me.  A power...a force...a guiding light that encourages me, strengthens me, comforts me, and so much more.  A fire, surely, that has left its mark on my life. 

But, I wonder, if someone should find the "remains" of this body thousands of years from now, will the "soot" from the Holy Spirit still be there?  Will the people say, "The Holy Spirit burned with such intensity in her life...look, the ashes still cling to the ruins"?

If this could happen, what would it take?

Joshua was able to conquer and destroy the work of the enemy because he trusted God.  He yielded all fear, all worry, all logical concern and went forth in the mission that God had directed him to do. 

Only when Joshua became devoid of the elements that were not of God, could he be filled with the elements that were of God...God's mighty Spirit, going before him, raising him up as more than a conqueror.

It's obvious from the Scriptures that before Joshua fought the northern kings of Israel he had gone to the Lord in prayer, to ask about the impending battle.