Look for a church that models itself on the original.  Remember how the early church began, and look for the qualities it had when you're considering churches today.  Read the biblical book of Acts to study what the early church was like.  Search for a church that is convinced of the Messiah's uniqueness, declaring that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life.  Seek a church that is compelled by a universal mission to spread the gospel to all people, regardless of their lifestyle, race, economic status, politics, etc.  Look for a church that is working to change the world through teaching, baptism, communion, and ministries.  Search for one where leaders aren't afraid to discipline members whose actions block the flow of ministry, and where members know the Bible well enough to back up their beliefs with it.  Look for evidence of God's supernatural power working through the church.  Ask God to show you how He wants you to fit into the life of the church.

Adapted from Did I Get Out of Bed for This?: Finding a Healthy Church, copyright 2004 by David Edwards.  Published by NexGen, an imprint of Cook Communications Ministries, Colorado Springs, Co., www.cookministries.com.

David Edwards travels the country full time, speaking to more than 200,000 young adults each year in churches and a variety of other settings.  As a member of Generation X, he knows firsthand the conflicts, passions, and dreams of this generation.  He has been a featured speaker for citywide weekly Bible study groups in eight states and has authored the Destinations video series, as well as his books, One Step Closer, and Lit.