Create a Culture of Prayer in Your Church or Group

A ‘‘culture of prayer’’ means that prayer is the first and last thing you do, rather than a tag or an afterthought. This culture can involve everything from a Prayer Pals program to an Internet prayer chain to special gatherings weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual prayer.

Pray for Leaders As Prescribed in 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Musician John Tesh likens the need to pray for the president and other leaders to the responsibility he has to pray for his pastor—as a weapon in a spiritual battle. The more outspoken a leader is about his faith, he believes, the greater the need for prayer.


"Our feeling is when you step out and make it known that you are taking a stand for God, immediately the enemy is going to try and take you out," he says, his voice ringing with a tell-tale note of experience. "We're always praying for protection and covering. I know that's what President Bush needs as well."


Adopt Our Troops: They’re Securing Your Freedom

Whether or not you agree with the present military action, men and women in the military are in harms way. They are securing your freedom. As a thank you, why not pray daily for their safety?


One father whose son was adopted for prayer through The Presidential Prayer Team website recently wrote, “[After] Dave returned home, he spoke of the many times that he knew God was protecting him because of the prayers being offered on his behalf. He injured his knee in Iraq and had to have knee surgery. He will most likely be returning to Iraq later this year. Please continue to pray for him and his family.”


In my own work with The Presidential Prayer Team, I talk with many people who have been blessed beyond their greatest expectations because they chose to set aside daily time to pray for our nation and its leaders.


I pray those same blessings on you.


Important Prayer Websites

National Day of Prayer:

The Presidential Prayer Team:

Mission America and the Lighthouse Movement:

How to Know God:


John Lind has been the president and CEO of the Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) since 2002. The Presidential Prayer Team's purpose is to encourage and motivate people to pray daily for the president of the United States, his cabinet, and America as a nation.