Divine secrets of transformation await you in this life-and-death saga from Esther's pre-Islamic Persia. It is here that God uses the most unlikely of heroes to save His people from genocide at the hands of a powerful and highly placed madman named Haman. Not only did God use unlikely heroes-but He also used unlikely weapons!

How does this story from the antiquity of ancient Iraq apply to us today? If it was a mere children's story, it wouldn't apply at all. But it isn't. This story has the feel of a fairy tale!

Hidden among the secrets of palace protocol is an encoded portrayal of Bible purpose-access to God's presence. The book of Esther literally contains a spiritual roadmap to God! We cannot afford to shrug off this story as something we heard about in church decades ago or dismiss it as some "irrelevant Old Testament book."

God reveals through Esther's life just how He worked through one young woman to save the Jewish people from total annihilation by an impossibly powerful leader. Esther's story reveals eternal wisdom about your own future and destiny!

Most little girls I've known have dreamed of becoming a princess (most young boys secretly dream of being a king too). The "princess and king" dream lives on into adulthood for most of us. Why else would the contemporary world be so captivated by the storybook wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles years ago?

An estimated 750 million people in seventy-four countries dropped what they were doing and crowded around television sets to watch the ceremony of the first English woman to marry an heir to the British throne in over three hundred years. Every eye followed Lady Diana as she walked down the aisle of St. Paul's Cathedral in a royal procession to meet Prince Charles. In the words of the archbishop of Canterbury, "Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made."

Otherwise happy and contented women around the globe suddenly felt the familiar pangs of their childhood, longing to be a "princess bride" once again. Very few modern nations or cultures continue to have royalty or princesses, but little girls still dream of one day being a princess bride, and little boys still imagine becoming a king.

Is it any accident that the dream of a "princess bride" is so persistent even in contemporary societies, generations after true earthly royalty became rare?

Could it be that our Creator planted this dream deep inside our hearts as a hidden seed, an eternal dream waiting to be fulfilled at just the right time? This dream has divine destiny at its core.

Authors, playwrights, and poets in virtually every culture since the beginning of human history have dabbled with the theme of commoners morphing into royalty at the whim of a king. Hans Christian Andersen penned his renowned children's story "The Ugly Duckling," describing the miraculous transformation of an "ugly duckling" into what it was always intended to be, a beautiful swan.

How many of us can still recite the theme and story line of Cinderella's transformation from lowly youngest sister to queen of the land?

Proof of the multigenerational intrigue of the fairy-tale stories is founded on the fact that accounts like this continue to be bestsellers. It is amazing that such an ancient theme would have such enduring interest-whether in the form of Cinderella, King Arthur, or the contemporary Broadway production of The King and I.

The sensational elevation of a common person into royalty ignites the dreams of potential in every one of us.

Our Fascination With Elevation Is A God Thing

Perhaps the most intriguing of these fairy-tale transformations is found in the biblical account of Esther. In fact, the story of Esther is far more ancient and powerful than any of the more recent transformation tales.