It is the true story of a young Jewish peasant girl who is herded through the back door of a Persian king's palace and wins his heart to become queen against all odds and save her nation. The biblical account of Esther has convinced me that our lifelong fascination with transformation through love and choice is a "God thing."

The Potential Of Promotion

Again, God reveals through Esther's life just how He worked through one young woman to save the Jewish people from total annihilation by an incredibly powerful leader. Esther's story reveals eternal wisdom about our own future and destiny!

How will people of destiny be transformed from their "peasant" state into a royal bride without spot or wrinkle? Perhaps the answer may be found in pursuing a second question: How could a mere peasant's passion for the king transform her into a princess?

The answers to both questions are hidden in the book of Esther. If we are to be the bride of the King, perhaps we should take some notes from Esther's rags-to-riches, pauper-to-princess miracle.

Most of us want to be more and live better than we do at the moment. Many of us live with the knowledge that we claim royal rank, but we act like someone more at home in the common surroundings of the world. People often have a hard time seeing any differences between us and those who make no claim to know God.

The genius of the book of Esther is its revelation of the way God overcomes human weakness and failure to elevate our position and rank all the way to His throne room. Esther gazed into the king's eyes, captured his heart, and found his favor. Then she was transported from the hall of women to the house of the king as his queen.

Was It Esther's Beauty, Her Secret, Or Both?

So why was a peasant girl from a nation in exile chosen as queen by a powerful Persian king? Why did Xerxes pass over as many as 1,459 other candidates from other nations and Persia's own 127 province-nations to select Esther? Was it just because of her beauty, or did she know a secret?

Could it be that God orchestrated Esther's life to reveal what can happen at a divine intersection where potential meets protocol? Who knows what can happen in your life when preparation intersects with protocol and destiny is birthed?

According to rabbinic tradition, Esther was one of the four most beautiful Jewish women of all time (the others were Sarah, Rahab, and Abigail). King Xerxes had unlimited access to the most beautiful women in the world, and his extensive harem system was proof of it.

It would take more than outward beauty or sensual appeal to captivate such a man. Xerxes could have had Esther remain a concubine or secondary wife, yet there was something about her that enticed commitment from him.

Persian kings generally selected their queens from Persian royal families, and hopefully from the families of the king's top seven advisors.They could have as many secondary wives or concubines as they wanted, with no restrictions on their nationality or religion, because the offspring from these secondary wives had no right to ascend to the throne.

Esther was an outsider, born not of nobility but of an exiled people! She had none of these things going for her, but somehow she won the heart and then the ear of the king in spite of Persian prejudices and traditions.Have you ever felt like an outsider? What was Esther's secret? If she was chosen, so can you be chosen!



Excerpted from: Finding Favor with the King by Tommy Tenney. Copyright (c) 2003, Tommy Tenney (ISBN 0764227351, 0764228609) Published by Bethany House Publishers. Used by permission. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.


About the author: Tommy Tenney is the founder of the GodChasers network and the author of the multimillion-selling The God Chasers series, including God’s Favorite House, The God Catchers, and The Prayers of a God Chaser, a 2003 Gold Medallion finalist. Tenney’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages. He spent 10 years as a pastor and more recently over 20 years in itinerant ministry. He and his wife, Jeannie, have three daughters and reside in Louisiana.