Sitting at my desk, working diligently on my writing as my fingers danced along the keyboard of my PC, an IM interrupted my train of thought.


I sit on the Board of Directors of a ministry, and its president was asking me my opinion about the time and place of our annual dinner meeting. The president…wanting my opinion…and I gave it with a smile. In a month or so, we’d be dining behind closed doors, discussing the fine details of the ministry. What will be said there will stay there.


Sometimes its kinda cool being a part of the inner circle. But I wonder how much more cool it would have been to be a part of the inner circle of the inner circle. Like James…his brother, John…and Peter.


The IC of the IC


Peter and his brother Andrew were the fishing business partners of James and John, sons of Zebedee. For whatever reason, when Jesus chose to pull a few of the boys aside, it was these four sans Andrew.


It has been said that James and John were cousins of Jesus. Age-wise, James was the older of the two boys. Their father’s name was Zebedee and their mother’s name was Salome. It was with their mother that they petitioned Jesus to sit at His right and left hand in Heaven. Their request didn’t sit well with the remaining of the Twelve. Perhaps there was a little tension anyway. After all…James and John were of the three Jesus often pulled aside for special occasions.

This wasn’t the only time their behavior caused a stir. As Jesus and the Twelve headed for Jerusalem, Jesus sent one of them on ahead to a village in Samaria to prepare things for their arrival. The people there, however, hadn’t read the latest “welcome wagon” brochure. James and John were furious and wanted to “call down fire from heaven to destroy them.” (Luke 9:54) After all, just a few short verses earlier (Luke 9:1) Jesus had called the Twelve together and given them power and authority to drive out demons…to cure diseases…and to preach the kingdom of God. For the boys, a little fire and destruction seemed like the obvious way to go.


Jesus, of course, said no. He did, however, nickname the brothers the “sons of thunder.” (Mark 3:17)


Peter made up the final of the three in the inner circle. Peter…just as impetuous and short fused as James and John. And all three are called for greater things than they can imagine. James will be the first Disciple to be martyred. (King Herod Agrippa beheaded him in 44AD.) John will go on be imprisoned for preaching the good news and to write the Gospel of John, 1st – 2nd- and 3rd John, and The Revelation of John before his natural death. Peter will preach the first sermon, heal the sick, raise the dead, write 1st and 2nd Peter…and will die on a cross for preaching the Gospel.


What Goes On In Those IC Meetings


The Raising of a Dead Girl


Jesus was tired. He and the Disciples climbed into a boat, set sail, and headed for the other side of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus fell asleep immediately and just as quickly a storm set in, scaring those who were awake to the point of rousing the Lord. I suppose it never occurred to them that where Jesus is…there is safety. Jesus said to them, “Where is your faith?” then stood and calmed the storm. (Luke 8:22ff)


From there, the Lord and His boys went to the region of the Gerasenes. As soon as they arrived, Jesus was met by a demon possessed man. With the same authority as He’d calmed the storm, Jesus commanded the demons to leave the man, sending them into a herd of pigs.