Going to Haiti was a watershed moment for me. I might have never arrived, yet just the experiences of raising funds and watching God orchestrate travel plans were worthwhile. But beyond that, I was humbled to capture Haiti in one of her darkest hours. Christian Haitians singing praises to our Lord in spite of their despair, praying for a better future.

Amputees have it especially hard. It is difficult enough for an amputee in the US, where we have handicapped parking and ramps to aid those with disabilities. In Haiti, an amputee is most likely destined to sit by the side of the road begging for money. Forget navigating a wheelchair or crutches across Haiti's rugged terrain. But, knowing Haitians as I do now, thousands now will try, praising God as they journey down dirt roads, singing, shouting and crying out to God for His greatness to be known.

Will you join me in standing with Haiti? You won't be disappointed in God's flight plan.

Russ Jones is co-publisher of the award winning Christian Press Newspaper (ChristianPress.com) and CEO of BIG Picture Media Group, Inc., a boutique media firm located in Newton, Kansas. Jones holds degrees from the University of Missouri and St. Paul School of Theology. As a former NBC TV reporter he enjoys reporting where evangelical Christian faith and news of the day intersect. He is also president of the Fellowship of Christian Newspapers. Jones is also a freelance reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network.  He may be reached at russ@christianpress.com

Original publication date: February 9, 2010