Dividing the nation as it advances, the gay agenda is rapidly building momentum within pop culture today – in large part because of the gay lobby that has put a human face on the movement. Among judges, politicians, the church – and probably in your own thoughts and convictions – it is becoming an issue that increasingly demands our attention.


We all have to deal with it.


Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Springdale, Ark. and pastor of The Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers, Ark., speaks out about some of the truths surrounding the issue in his latest book, The Gay Agenda, from New Leaf Press.

He takes a compelling and compassionate look at one of the most turbulent and consuming issues of our society – homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  Floyd honestly addresses some of the issues involved, yet he stresses the value and importance of upholding and maintaining the traditional family and marriage structures.


With more than 27 years of practical ministry experience, Floyd has personally seen the devastation and hurt individuals and families who deal first hand with this issue. The Gay Agenda challenges the Christian community to stand firm on biblical truths, but at the same time deal with this issue with love and compassion.


“Dr. Floyd has been involved in this issue for years, actually,” says New Leaf editor, Jim Fletcher.  “When we began to establish a publishing relationship with him, last year, we discovered that he had an interest in this and that happened to dovetail with some of the things going on the culture, so we approached him about turning one of his sermon series about the issue into a book.”


As the issue of gay marriage explodes on a national level, Floyd urges believers to engage in respectful dialogue, and reminds us that we are not against the particular individuals, but rather, a lifestyle that brings isolation and pain to many.


“I think it is important for us to understand that with one hand we hold the truth of God. And with the other hand, we hold the love of God. This should reveal the heart of every Christian and every church in America,” said Floyd in the book.


In addition, Dr. Floyd strives to answer some of the pivotal questions, such as: “A gay agenda – is there one at work in our society?” “What does this issue mean for the traditional family?” “How will the church be affected as the divisions within denominations and congregations grow?” “In what ways will this issue change the character of our nation?”


Floyd looks at some of the theological questions as well as why state laws governing marriage may not be enough. The “gay” issue will continue to have an impact on society – in our schools, churches, workplaces and neighborhoods.


“We think the book is a very good overview of the gains that the gay lobbyists have made in the culture. (The book talks about) where they have come from and where they are going,” Fletcher said. “It is also a rallying cry to the Christian community. Floyd has a real interest in mobilizing Christians to engage in the issue.”