I love clothes. I love love love clothes. And I love shopping for clothes…unless, that is, I need something and don’t really have the money for it.

I also love finding great bargains on good clothes. There’s such a mark-up, you know….

One look in my closet—a walk-in—and you’ll note two things: 1) I have a thing for black, and 2) I have four categories of clothing: a) work out, b) casual, hang around the house, c) my speaking clothes, and d) fancy-schmancy-banquety kinda glittery clothes. The latter are covered in protective plastic, so you won’t get a good look until you see me wearing them. But, I’ll give you a clue: they make me look and feel very special.

The Body Beautiful/Physical

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” How true, how true…but not just any clothes. One should not only be properly dressed; one should also be dressed in a style that is complementary.

I recently shared with a friend about a particularly low point in my life. I owned a dress that had smocking at the bodice and was split completely down the middle to the waistline and then held together with cord, crisscrossed peasant style. I loved the dress, but if it wasn’t laced tightly enough…well…

I actually had the nerve to wear this dress to church while visiting back home. My mother, who had gone ahead of me, was appalled when I made my grand entrance. I was only 19, and I became quite defensive. But today, knowing a little more about fashion and style and even more (I hope) about propriety, I am horrified.

Today I am equally uncomfortable if I try to wear something that goes against type. I have the quintessential hourglass figure. Some fashions simply don’t look good on my body. “You need something to show off your waist,” my husband once said (back when it was really truly 23 inches!) In my mind, if what I wore showed that I had a small waist, it also showed that I had a rather round derriere. But, in fact, he was correct. (Think Marilyn Monroe!) Clothes should work with your figure, not against it. When you walk into a room people should see the whole package and not be put off by your style…or lack thereof.

Editor’s Side Note: Rose Sweet, author of “Dear God, Send Me A Soul Mate” (AMG Publishers) sticks to fashion, not fads. “I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on fads that fade. No more!” Her favorite designer? “St. John Knits are classic, with timeless lines and quality that fits all shapes and rarely goes out of style. For less expensive/more casual I love Jones of New York. Very classy.”

The Body Beautiful/Spiritual