I confess. Until I was in my thirties I had absolutely no idea what exfoliation was. Not a clue…until the day I sat on the tub’s ledge of a friend’s bathroom while she sat on the floor—legs crossed, under-the-sink cabinet doors opened wide, and her head stuck deep within its caverns. Suddenly my headless/armless pal drew her whole torso out, holding up a half-filled clear tube with large green writing on it. “You ever tried this?” she asked.


“Tried what?” I asked, already shaking my head, no.


“Exfoliation cream.”


I narrowed my eyes. What in the world was… “No.”


She threw the tube at me and I caught it easily. “Here you go,” she said. “Try this and tell me how wonderful your skin feels afterward.”


The Body Beautiful/Physical


My lifestyle of regular exfoliation began with one try. After my first scrub (performed in the shower), my skin took on a healthy radiance. It felt smooth to the touch and younger somehow. As if the old me had been washed off my body and had gone down the drain.


"But doesn’t skin naturally slough off?" you ask.


Yes, but it’s a slow process and one you would typically be unaware of. Your body is crying out for assistance in this and the call must be reckoned with. “Off with those dead cells,” it shouts. “I wanna glow!”


While some people have exfoliation done professionally (either because they can afford to or because of medical conditions such as acne), one can do them easily at home (unless you have ultra sensitive skin, thin skin (from age), or some form of skin

condition). The results will be healthier, smoother skin, an increase in the its ability to absorb moisture, muscle tone, new cell growth, and a reduction in those wonderful fine lines we find distinguishing on a man but aging on a woman.


A trip to your favorite department store cosmetic counter or any store that sells cosmetics and toiletries (such as Target, WalMart, Walgreens, Eckerds, CVS, etc.) will have you ready to scrub off those dead cells in no time.


What you need: A Soft Washcloth, Exfoliation Mitt or Brush, Buff Puff, or Loofah. Or, if you are so inclined, you may purchase an at-home exfoliation system. Scrub of your choice (Look for those with round beads rather than rough granules as the former is gentler on the skin). You don’t have to spend a lot of money. St. Ives products are both inexpensive and effective as are many others.


Side Note: Nancy Stafford, actress and Christian author & speaker, has sensitive skin, so when it comes to exfoliation, she must be careful about what she uses. She says, “I only use a scrub when I’m really flaky and my skin feels rough and looks dull. Then, I use Francis Denny’s Sweep Away for Sensitive Skin.”

The Body Beautiful/Spiritual


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! ~~ 2 Corinthians 5:17


Last week we talked about being “washed clean.” The miraculous thing about being “washed in the blood of the Lamb,” is that all the old sins that at one time covered our souls in filth, are forever washed away. This is not to say we cannot commit new sin or that we suddenly become sinless. On the contrary; as Christians we must constantly rid ourselves of old habits, much like the old dead cells that want to build up on our physical bodies.