Unbelief is a hindrance to prayer. I'm intrigued by little children's curiosity about electrical plugs. As toddlers, they will see the plugs in the wall and proceed to explore them. When they are told not to play with them, their curiosity increases and they head for them again. An attentive guardian of the child will make sure the child does not get shocked by their determination so the plugs are covered with protectors or the child is taken to a safer place to explore. The child sees the situation but has no concept of the danger he/she is in if they activate the plug. 


We explore life's situations with all its dangers and questions and ignore the fact that our Guardian is watching out for our well-being. Often we do not believe God answers our prayers because we cannot see the shock waves caused by our prayers. We cannot understand why our prayers are not answered the second we prayed. If the answer does not come quickly, we whine and develop an attitude of unbelief. When this happens, we may go through the motion of praying, but our prayers are from a double-minded, unstable and wavering mindset. 

Without believing, you cannot expect to receive. There is no faith when you don't believe. Trust God and know that whenever we pray, God is working behind the scenes to work it out for you.


Sometimes is seems that you have been praying for something for years. Never give up. Always believe that the God who knows all and is in all has your heart at stake. He will not leave you or forsake you. When you can't see what He's doing, trust His heart that He will work it out.


Thelma Wells  is president of A Woman of God Ministries, Dallas, Texas; a Woman of Faith conference speaker; a professor at Master's School of Divinity, and the author of Girl, Have I Got Good News For You! and other encouraging resources.

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