Another Teen, Another Story
The year was 1898 B.C.  Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, was spending his days “tending the flocks with his brothers”[2] and his nights being entertained by dreams of those very same brothers, his father and mother, bowing down to him. Joseph’s father loved him more than any of his other sons[3] and Joseph used this fact to his best advantage. No one, not even the spoiler Jacob, was pleased, and his brothers — born to Jacob by four women — least of all. One day, as his story unfolded, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers who then reported him dead to Jacob. He eventually landed in Egypt where he was bought by an important man named Potiphar.


From Cocky Teen to World Savior
Though Joseph was a slave, Potiphar was so impressed by his character and abilities (apparently, at some point, Joseph learned Egyptian[4]) that he placed Joseph — still a very young man — in charge of his household. Joseph continued to grow into manhood, and Potiphar’s house continued to be blessed because of Joseph being there[5]. There was, however, one ant at the picnic. Potiphar’s wife found Joseph quite fetching and, when her advances were rejected, she finagled Joseph back into prison.


While there Joseph met the Pharaoh’s baker and cupbearer, who’d been sent there for some grievance with Pharaoh. One night the two men had dreams and Joseph — calling on an old gift — was able to interpret them (this was a big deal in the Egyptian culture). Then Joseph asked them to please remember him when they were released because he had “done nothing to deserve being put in a dungeon.”[6]


But for the next two years Joseph — who God continued to mature — was forgotten until the night Pharaoh had a series of dreams. His cupbearer then remembered Joseph. Joseph, who was able to interpret the dreams, was taken out of prison and elevated to governor of Egypt. He married and became a father. But more importantly, his wisdom and “misfortune” led to the salvation of his people… and you and me.