Creator & Artist, God
Like Peter Parker, Joseph was raised by an extended family and — like Parker — his story was carefully written and watched over by his Creator. As Spider-Man, Parker was destined to save the world from evil designs. As Governor, Joseph was destined to save the world from the famine he predicted after hearing Pharaoh’s dreams[7].


In time, his brothers came to him and, bowing low, they asked for provision. And, in time, Joseph — convinced of their character changes — revealed himself to them. Because of the “layout” of the “plotline,” God was able to save not only His people, but the line of Messiah was preserved. With that, our spiritual salvation was insured.


What’s Your Story?
Do you know that God has carefully scripted the layout of your life? I know the plans I have for you, He wrote through the prophet Jeremiah[8].No matter your age, God has planned your life from before you were born.[9] As in the lives of Peter and Joseph, God will use time to mature His children and bring us to a place where we can be "superheroes" too. The most seemingly inconsequential thing — a spider’s bite or a dream — can alter our lives… when we trust the Writer of our story.

Award-winning national speaker Eva Marie Everson is a graduate of Andersonville Theological Seminary. Her most sought after conference topic is “Arise, My Soul, Arise” in which she explores the songs of the Bible. She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at

[1] Said to Peter Parker by his uncle, Ben

[2] Genesis 37:1