Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort's helpful book, Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith: Evangelism Made Easy, (Regal Books).

Jesus has called everyone who follows Him to take the Gospel message to the world. Yet recent studies show that only two percent of evangelical Christians actually evangelize. What stops the vast majority of Christians from sharing their faith with others? Fear.

You may be afraid of tension, ridicule, or feeling foolish when people debate you. But none of that matters nearly as much as the souls at stake. Every day, about 150,000 people die. Those who leave this earth without saving relationships with Jesus are doomed to hell. Refusing to share your faith with people before it's too late for them is like sitting outside a burning building without trying to rescue the people inside.

So overcome your fear so you can answer Jesus' call to share your faith. Here's how:

Don't back away from the Cross.  It's painful to talk about Jesus' crucifixion on the Cross because it means talking about people's sin, God's anger, and the reality of hell. But it's a much more loving choice to talk about people about it than to avoid the subject and let them be deceived about their need for a Savior. Some discomfort now - while they still have time to respond - is far better than letting them go into an eternity of torment without reaching out to them.

Remember who will help you.  God Himself has promised to help you share your faith with others. You can count on His Holy Spirit to empower you every time you evangelize if you pray about it. So rather than listening to fear telling you that you can't share your faith, listen to faith saying that you can - because God will help you. All you need to do to be successful in evangelism is simply to be faithful to share your faith and then leave the results up to God.

Pray.  Prepare for sharing your faith by praying. Confess your sins so nothing will interfere with God listening and responding to your prayers. Pray for God to give you the compassion you need to care about lost people's souls and to do something to help them. Ask God to give you wisdom for each conversation you have with people about faith, and ask Him to motivate other people to join you in evangelistic efforts when they can. Surrender your own will to God's will so you'll be free to serve however God wants you to serve. 

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Be willing to share with everyone.
  Talk with every person you meet about spiritual matters - not just certain types of people - when an opportunity arises. Don't discriminate against ardent atheists, angry hecklers, or anyone else who appears unlikely to respond well to the Gospel's message. You can't predict how anyone will respond, and even if a particular person doesn't begin a relationship with Jesus right then, you can plant important seeds of faith in his or her heart that will grow over time.

Use the Ten Commandments to show people why they need a Savior.  The Ten Commandments can act like a mirror that reflects truth back to people about their need for a Savior. Whenever you encounter an opportunity to talk with people about spiritual matters, start by asking them what they think happens after death. Then explain what you believe: that people face God when they die, and He deals with them according to His standard - the law mentioned in the Bible, the Ten Commandments. Mention the various Ten Commandments and ask people whether they've ever broken any of them. This will show them that, although they may consider themselves good people who deserve to go to heaven, they can't possibly meet God's perfect standard on their own. All it takes is one lie, lustful thought, or other sin to fall short of perfection.