See clearly. Don’t settle for a small vision that limits your concept of who God is and what plans He has for your life. Instead, ask God to give you the right perspective on Him and reveal His big vision for you. Let go of your own plans that don’t align with God’s plans, trusting that for every one of your own dreams that falls away, a better dream from God for you will take its place. Place your hope in the reality of God’s promises, and realize that doing so creates space for your faith to keep expanding.

Adapted from LifeSpace: The Practice of Life with God, copyright 2007 by Joni Grace Powers and Robert A. Pyne.  Published by Regal Books, a division of Gospel Light, Ventura, Ca.,
Joni Grace Powers has her roots in the wilds of West Texas and now lives in Dallas. She is a frequent lecturer, a retreat speaker, and an ordained minister. A passionate teacher and communicator, Joni’s writing has covered the gamut from technical business articles to executive development courses to theological musings in seminary. Joni and her husband, Tim, are holding on for the ride as they raise two teenage daughters.
Robert Pyne hails from the beautiful desert of Arizona and now lives in Dallas. He is a professor in Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, a published author, a retreat speaker, and an ordained minister. A sought-after speaker on the intersection of Christian life and culture, Bob is also an active participant in such arenas as the American Academy of Religion and the Emergent conventions and dialogues. Bob and his wife, Julie, valiantly attempt to keep up with four teenagers and Webster, the infamous dog.