Cultivate a spirit of joy. You can find joy – the spiritual confidence that all will be well, even in the midst of your caregiving challenges – by trusting in God’s promise to work all things out for a good purpose in your life. Remember that God is always with you, even in the middle of the toughest circumstances. Let your sorrow lead you to joy by helping you discover God’s sufficiency in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Find strength for the long haul. Learn from the ways Jesus handled His own caregiving responsibilities while on Earth: He frequently spent time alone in prayer. He often prayed with His closest friends. He publicly thanked God the Father for what God had provided. He faced each crisis with calm assurance because He had placed His confidence in God. He delegated work to other people. He grieved the losses of those He loved with a sense of hope, because He had an eternal perspective. Look to Jesus as your ultimate model of a healthy caregiver, and follow His example in your own caregiving work.

Adapted from Ambushed by Grace: Help & Hope on the Caregiving Journey, copyright 2008 by Shelly Beach. Published by Discovery House Publishers, a division of RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Shelly Beach is a freelance writer, public speaker, college writing instructor, and recipient of the 2008 Christy Award. She has published devotional, poetry, feature articles, and fiction. She is also the founder of the Cedar Falls Christian Writers' Workshop in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Shelly and her husband, Dan, have two children and live in Sparta, Michigan.

Original publication date: February 9, 2009