God’s still, small voice: God often speaks directly to your spirit in quiet yet powerful ways that nudge you to pay attention. For example, He may urge you to pray for a particular person at a certain time. Rather than just expecting God to speak in dramatic ways, tune into the quiet voice of His Spirit amidst the noise of everyday life.

Conviction: When God convicts you of a sinful attitude or behavior in your life, be willing to repent of it and move in the right direction. Recognize the difference between conviction and condemnation – God convicts you to help you find His forgiveness, grace, and mercy, while Satan condemns you to bring you into bondage to shame and false guilt.

Partial revelation: Sometimes when God speaks to you, He only reveals part of the full message He intends for you to hear, because you’re not yet ready to hear everything. Just obey what you do know, and trust Him to reveal more at the right time. God will build your faith as you respond to Him day by day.

Visions: Visions from God are experiences of intense imagery, sound, and feeling that happen when you’re awake and communicate important information. If you experience a vision, be sure to pray for discernment about it, and evaluate it by the Bible. Don’t assume its meaning; instead, wait for God to reveal the correct interpretation.

Dreams: God may speak to you through a dream, with a clear message and a specific purpose. Dreams that confuse you may just be the result of your brain processing thoughts while you’re asleep. If a particular dream is from God, He will give you a confirmation in your spirit that He was communicating something to you through it – and the message will line up with biblical truth.

A message of wisdom: God may sometimes send you supernatural wisdom to deal well with a specific situation. This gift of wisdom will allow you to speak appropriate truth at the right time. While you can’t earn the gift of wisdom, you can always ask for it in prayer.

A message of knowledge: Sometimes God may give you information that you have not had prior access to or been aware of by any natural means. This gift of knowledge often works in concert with a gift of wisdom, empowering you to know how to respond to the information God has given you.

Spiritual languages: When you pray in a spiritual language under the Holy Spirit’s direction, you can go beyond the limits of your human intellect and own language to communicate deep messages that glorify God and bless other people. Be open to praying in a spiritual language whenever God leads you to do so.

Prophecy: A prophecy occurs when God speaks a message through one person for the benefit of another. If God has someone speak a prophecy to you, He is calling out your potential. If God directs you to deliver a prophecy to someone else, be faithful to do so. But be careful! Be sure to thoroughly test any prophecy against biblical truth, and check to make sure the timing is also correct. Never add anything of your own to a prophecy. Remember that if a prophecy is indeed from God, He will confirm it in other ways and bring it to pass.

Circumstances: You can hear God’s voice through circumstances as He opens and closes doors of opportunity. The key, though, is to be led by the Holy Spirit rather than by the circumstances themselves. God will give you peace about His message and its timing if you check it out with Him.

Natural things: God reveals Himself through nature – what He has created. You can learn a lot from God by observing nature and listening to the messages God may speak to you through it. Go outside often and pay attention to what you experience there.