* Listen to people’s yearnings. Make the time to find out what people are looking for in their lives. Discover what they’re truly yearning for, so you can talk with them about what’s most important to them instead of just giving them pat answers or clichés. Instead of viewing people as projects to successfully complete by evangelizing them, see them as individuals to love through genuine relationships. As you get to know them, ask God to help you connect their stories with His story.

Adapted from Static: Tune Out the “Christian Noise” and Experience the Real Message of Jesus, copyright 2007 by Ron Martoia. Published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Ill., www.tyndale.com.
Ron Martoia is an author, speaker, and former pastor. His passion is helping people, and the organisms they serve, design, build and experience revolutionary change. Over the last two years Ron has spoken to more than 25,000 leaders in conference settings. His area of expertise is on the new and shifting landscape of church/cultural intersection, where he helps churches consider how they can shift their theological outlook which in turn will shift and adjust their ministry trajectory and cultural interface. Through his speaking, consulting, writing, and acting as "a distant staff member" to a number of churches, Ron is using his cultural intonation to help churches shift paradigms from the old Newtonian world to the Quantum world of the 21st century context.