That day my heart spoke a message to me physically and spiritually—heart and soul  I knew I had to change my lifestyle if I wanted to get where God desired for me to be.


Today I want to ask you:   What is your heart saying to you?


Are you taking care of your physical heart like you should be?   And are you taking care of your spiritual heart…your soul…like you should?


These are questions each of us needs to ask ourselves from time to time.   And the beginning of a new year is a great time to renew your commitment to become heart and soul healthy.


I would love to send you a copy of my new devotional called 365 Days of Total Heart Health  It is my gift to you at the beginning of this new year—to express my thanks for your donation to Winning Walk Family. I have written this book in collaboration with my wife, JoBeth, cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Michael Duncan and cardiologist Dr. Richard Leachman from the Texas Heart Institute,to help you care for both your heart and your soul.   I’m confident this book—filled with sound biblical and medical advice—will help you or someone you know develop a healthy lifestyle…and encourage you to dig deeper in your relationship with God like you never have before!


It is my prayer that you will begin 2006 walking a new walk…and determined to become healthy—heart and soul!


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