“I came to the funeral in such despair,” one woman shared, “but I left with such hope.”  “I want to know God the way your family knows Him,” said another.  “I never thought there was much to religion, but I saw something different than religion at Benji’s funeral,” admitted an acquaintance.  “I want to understand more about who God is,” explained a nurse.   Letters, phone calls, and visitors have confirmed the beauty of God’s sovereignty, the goodness of His will, and the perfection of His plan.


I am reminded of my four-year-old niece’s words as she held my mother’s hand and stared at the 29” coffin that held her baby brother.  It was shiny and white with lovely spring flowers draped over the top.  With innocent curiosity and a knowing gleam in her eyes, she asked, “Nana, is that a present for Jesus?”  As sure as any answer she’s ever given, my mother replied, “Yes, baby, it is…it most certainly is.”

Ginger Plowman, author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three, is the founder of Preparing the Way Ministries for which she speaks at women’s events and parenting conferences across the country. Visit her website at www.gingerplowman.com