Editor's Note: "Creed" is an ongoing article series that discusses the core beliefs of Christianity as expressed in the Apostle's and Nicene creeds. Links to other installments are listed at the end of this article.


In 1990, my then 14-year-old daughter was volunteering at a humane society. One afternoon in early July she came home, excited about a puppy that had been brought in. She was practically on her knees, begging her father (who was anti-pet) to allow us to adopt the sweet thing.


My husband, usually a rigid man in his decisions, broke under the strain of an adorable daughter. He looked at me. “Go look at it. If you like it, bring it home.”


But the following day, the puppy had been adopted. Still, the staff of the pound was eager to have me adopt a dog. Any dog. I called my husband who was at work. He didn’t care, he said, as long as it wouldn’t be a big yard dog or a small housedog. Oh, and no dog on his last leg, he added.


My choices were limited. And, of course, the pound brought out every large yard dog, small housedog, and dying one-eyed, three-legged dog they had. My heart was breaking and I wanted them all, but I was under strict orders.


Exhausted, I headed for the exit door when suddenly…yip yip! I looked down to see a cage with six precious puppies, no more than four weeks old and two pounds each. I knelt down, opened the cage, and reached in, palm up. One of the pups—a girl—jumped into my hand and wrapped her paws around my index finger.


“I’ll take her,” I said with a smile, not caring if she would grow to be big or small. I just knew that this one was special. I was right. Nearly 16 years later, she has blessed our family with love and devotion. She has been our companion in difficult days and pranced about happily during our times of joy.


She is “Aimee.”


What Sets Jesus Apart?


Do you know what sets Jesus apart from “all other gods?” It’s not that He died…it’s that He didn’t stay dead. Any old god can die.But how many do you know actually came back to life, walked among the living (and the used-to-be-dead) and then ascended into the skies with a promise to return for His bride?


Um…I honestly can’t think of another! Can you?


Jesus, Himself, was the not the first to receive His miracle of re-birth in the physical sense. He had raised Jarius’ twelve-year-old daughter shortly after her death (see Matthew 9). He raised Lazarus from the dead daysafter his death (see John 11). According to Matthew, at Jesus’ death, many were brought to life.