There is enough pain in the world

To overwhelm every gentle heart combined.

The world’s pain is as vast as the ocean.

The sorrow of the world is as deep as the sea.

Could the ocean really be the sum of the tears if the world?


Salty waves of grief

A tidal force of sorrow


That ebbs and flows as inwardly the world groans while outwardly its poor passengers cry out to a God whose eyes are dry.

When Jesus appeared there was a tear in His eye that was as old as the world.

It was not His own. It was the world’s tear.


And when even a single one of those tears would course down His unshaven cheek and disappear into His beard, it was as if a black breaker full of the world’s tears was exhausting itself upon the clean sands of the shore of His Father’s invisible compassion.


Jesus wept the tears of the world.

How is it my eyes are dry?

Or only wet with my own tears?


For the tiniest speck of one of the millions of seconds of my life has there ever been the smallest drop of one of the world’s tears in my eyes?


When they see me, does the world see a man of sorrows?


Or do they see a false pretended joy that they could never know because I have never known it myself? Could never know it while holding so dear my own comforts.


Grant me, O Lord an acquaintance with such tears that the world has wept.


Surely the presence of such a great grief in my life would displace my small sadnesses, my petty anger, my selfish sorrows.


O red-eyed Jesus, turn my tears into the worlds tears.

And awaken in the deepest part of my falsely satisfied soul


One Vast Loud “Ekah!”

From the Study
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