Have you been positive all your life? 


Ladd: My life has been a journey in a positive direction.  I'm not sure we could say anyone was born perfectly positive, but I can say when I turned my life over to God at a young age, I began moving in a positive direction.  As I put my faith in Him, not only did I have the reassurance that my sins were forgiven, but I also had the joy, hope and security that heaven would be my eternal home. I also began to have purpose in my life, knowing that God had a plan for my life and that I wanted to honor Him in all I did. What inspired you to write this book? 


Ladd: Women in all walks of life need a positive boost and a word of encouragement to step up and step out in the right direction.  It's easy in our world today to become discouraged, fearful or negative in our thinking and in our living, but women in Christ can be positive women of hope. Positive women bring a message of hope to the rest of the world.


Through The Power of a Positive Woman, I wanted to inspire woman to make wise choices and to allow God to powerfully work through their lives.  The principles in this book are powerful and true, not because I thought them up, but because they are Biblical principles.  The message is clear; every woman can be a positive woman as she looks to God and chooses to let Him work through her life and her circumstances.

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