Strobel points out several "stretches" that need to be made when putting faith in Darwinism. Among them:

  • Nothing produces everything;

  • Non-life produces life;

  • Randomness produces fine-tuning


But perhaps the biggest stumbling block to Darwinism is the idea that consciousness can evolve from unconsciousness. In other words, a blob of lifeless matter can somehow awake into awareness.


Strobel does not dismiss evolution entirely, only its attempts to explain creation and its broad claim that even the most complex life forms began as primordial sludge.


"Evolution is fact, as long as its defined as the micro-evolutionary variations we see in the animal and plant world," he said.


Strobel is careful not to sound like someone who functions from the "Just Trust Jesus" mentality of faith that considers scientific study to be close to useless.


"What bothers me is when people define faith as anti-intellectual," he said. "I don't think that is the kind of faith the Bible talks about. The kind I want to express and experience is the faith that is consistent with the evidence of the world and what the Bible tells me and then to respond to that evidence in a rational step."


Furthermore, Strobel cites I Peter 3:15 as a verse that backs up his need to know how things work.


"We're to always be prepared to give an answer to those who ask to explain why we have the hope we do," he said. "So as Christians we need to be prepared to engage with our culture. Evidence of history points toward Jesus being the son of God, so we need to be prepared to share that with family members, friends, everyone."


Strobel said it's a mistake to assume that unbelievers will be saved only through an emotional transformation. He cites his own situation as evidence.


"When I realized, in light of all the evidence, that it would require more faith to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian, that's when I encountered Jesus," he said. "Some people have an emotional experience. I had the rush of reason, the fulfillment of all I'd seen in my investigation."


From there, Strobel found the "praise experience" that others often begin with.


"As I looked at the world through intelligent design, it makes me more worshipful," he said. "I see the signature of God in the DNA in every cell, evidence of his existence. Part of the message is we need to love God with our mind, as the Bible tells us to, and part of that is learning and understanding how his creation points toward him.