Lost was known for including hundreds of seemingly insignificant details, which merely encouraged fans to try and put the pieces together to see how they might fit into the big picture. Even when our favorite characters died or the show's plotlines turned bizarre, fans believed that there was a purpose behind all the pain and suffering.

Lost didn't always succeed in this area. As the seasons progressed, the complexity of the storyline often dwarfed the individual plotlines. Character development suffered. Yet fans continued to watch, hoping that the characters' stories would make sense within the overall picture that the Lost writers were creating.

Why did Lost strike such a chord? Because this desire for meaning and purpose behind our individual stories is very much wired into us as humans. Lost never fully succeeded at satisfactorily tying the stories together into the show's meta-narrative. But there is one Story that will.

The Christian faith teaches that we are part of a Story that is about Jesus Christ, the King of the universe. The slain Lamb is the conquering king - through whom and for whom our world exists.

Ironically, when we live as if our personal story is at the center of our universe, we struggle to find meaning and significance. But when Christ is at the center and we are pushed to the periphery, it is then - in that place of seeming obscurity and insignificance - that we find true worth and value, by giving glory to the King with whom we can become united through faith.

At the great finale of the history of this world, when the King returns and subdues everything under his feet, when God becomes all in all and sums up everything in Christ, all of this world's suffering and pain, all of our unanswered questions will be resolved in light of the God who comes to dwell with man and wipe every tear from every eye.

Now that is a finale worth waiting for!

Trevin Wax is a pastor, author and avid blogger at "Kingdom People." His recent book published by Crossway is entitled: Holy Subversion: Allegiance to Christ in an Age of Rivals. Read our excerpt here. Visit his site for further information about his writing and ministry.

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