So Why Don’t We Get on the Bus…

…or eat from the tables on cruise ships? Why do we sweat in the heat and humidity, trudging along to our destination while nibbling on crackers and cheese?

Maybe the false prophets are at it again. These days the truth is often veiled, making it difficult to know for sure how we’re supposed to live. If we’ve been blessed monetarily we are made to feel guilty by some who have not. If we’ve found those sweet shelters where we can rest and laugh and have joy in the Lord, we’re told we’re wrong, that this is a solemn thing, this life of a Christian. If we raise our hands and clap while singing praise and worship to our Lord, we’re told we’re being sacrilegious. We disagree on the number of instruments that can be played to honor the King and which arts are acceptable to him.

We trudge. We sweat. We starve. And we think this is the way God would have it while we are here on earth. But if we look back at the scripture just once more we’ll see the truth:

Life, Jesus said. To the full.

Life. Zoe (Gk).  The absolute fullness of life. A life real and a genuine life. Full of vigor and devoted to God. A life meant to go on forever.

Think about that with me and I’ll see you on the bus…or at the table. Bon voyage and bon appetite.

Eva Marie Everson is the author of a number of works such as Oasis, her recently released title from Baker/Revel. A seminary graduate and student, she speaks on a number of topics and can be reached by going to
Photo, taken along a Judean hillside, by Eva Marie Everson