Be passionate. Fall in love with Jesus all over again, rediscovering the wonder of a relationship with Him. Evaluate your life to see if any other relationship (such as with another person, with your work, etc.) has encroached upon your relationship with Jesus as your top priority, and repent of whatever is hindering your intimacy with Him. Return to the excitement you felt right after beginning a relationship with Jesus, and express that passion when telling other people about Him. Remember the urgency of sharing your faith with others; every encounter you have with someone who doesn’t know Jesus might be the last opportunity that person has to embrace a relationship with Him. Ask Jesus to ignite your passion for His mission in the world.

Build the kind of legacy you want to leave. Keep in mind that the choices you make every day shape the legacy you’ll leave for others after you go to heaven. Ask God to help you live in a way that will inspire others to live faithful lives themselves. Be aware that others are watching you as you go about your daily life. Try to be the truth you want others to know and believe by practicing what you preach. Know that as others see you apply biblical truths to your life, they’ll be drawn to the faith that you authentically represent. Intentionally pass on spiritual lessons you’ve learned to others through discipleship and mentoring relationships. Ask God to use you as a channel through which to pour out His love into other people’s lives. Be willing to make sacrifices for the glory of God and the sake of others.

Get ready to meet Jesus face to face. Realize that you will be meeting Jesus Himself in heaven one day – and that day may come sooner than you think. Decide to use whatever time you have to grow in holiness so you’ll be prepared to meet your Savior. Whenever you recognize that you’ve committed a sin, confess it and turn away from it. If it helps, ask several people you trust to help you be accountable to the changes you’re trying to make. Strengthen your spiritual disciplines, such as regular Scripture reading. Seek counsel from others who can help you break patterns of sin in your life. Do whatever it takes to become more holy as you look forward to going to heaven.

Remain faithful to the end. Don’t allow disappointments or tragedies to cause you to become cynical and lose hope. Remember that what happens in you should not be determined by what happens to you. Expect God to use whatever happens to you to make your soul stronger and drive you closer to Jesus. Don’t give up; stay focused on your eternal destiny. Ask God to give you the strength you need to endure whatever suffering comes your way. Trust Jesus to carry your burdens, just as He took your sin upon Himself on the cross. Know that everything you must endure on Earth will be worthwhile when you’re rewarded in heaven by meeting Jesus face to face.

Adapted from For a Time We Cannot See: Living Today in Light of Heaven, copyright 2005 by Crawford Loritts, Jr. Published by Moody Publishers, Chicago, Ill.,
Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., who holds two doctorates, is the Associate Director of U.S Ministries at Campus Crusade for Christ in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the host of the daily radio program, Living a Legacy, and is a frequent conference speaker. He is also the author of six books, including Make it Home Before Dark, A Passionate Commitment, and Never Walk Away. Crawford and his wife live near Atlanta and have four children.