3. How willing are we to listen to how His Word applies today? 

We need the persistence to ask, seek and knock until God reveals His specific message for the time. Then, ask God to confirm that message to you. When He confirms it to you, trust Him and do not doubt. God wants you to know His heart because He desires for you to live with His peace in your heart.

We were created to have a relationship with the Lord. Nothing is as peaceful and comforting as being with the Lord.  There have been times when I have heard specifically the very heart of God in a situation and it completely changed me and the fruit of His Words became evident in my life circumstances. But to be perfectly honest, the persistence it took to seek His specific Will for me was exhausting to my flesh. Not many of us want to intercede to that extent. Not many of us have tight deep relationships because we are not willing to be that vulnerable, honest, giving, or willing to give the time to maintain the relationship. The same applies with the Lord. I know that I am the one who is missing out when I do not come to Him.  

The San Diego fires have given us a clear heavenly vision of what we do not want to happen when we will stand before Him one day. We do not want to get into heaven as through fire (1 Corinthians 3:15) because we were too fearful, lazy, selfish or busy on earth. Heaven and earth will pass away but His Word will not. We need to be more sensitive to hear His voice. We need to be more persistent to hear His Will. We need our hearts to change to represent His heart. We do not want to talk about God; we need to talk to Him, every day. Having a walking, talking relationship with the God of the universe is what each of us was created for. That is the greatest blessing and the most wonderful gift that anyone could hope to have. Coming closer to God means we receive more love, joy and peace. He was so kind to comfort us on the mountain so we would not be fearful in the plains or through the fires.

Pray with me: Oh come Lord Jesus, come quickly but until then, make me discerning to hear You, willing to speak about You and faithful to live with You and for You. 

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