With a humorous, yet straight to the heart approach, Louie Giglio communicates an intense passion for God and a desire to propel others to a deeper pursuit of intimacy with Him.  In addition to speaking weekly at 7:22, a ministry of North Point Community Church, Louie is the Director of Choice Ministries, Inc., a ministry designed to lead others to renewed passion for God and fresh encounters of worship.


As a vital part of Choice Ministries, Louie leads the Passion movement. Passion exists to glorify God by inviting students everywhere to seek God wholeheartedly in an atmosphere of corporate worship. 


A sacred assembly, Passion's OneDay gathering in May 2000 was the largest collegiate gathering of its kind in over 25 years. In the fall of 2001, Passion embarked on a nationwide tour of 25 cities to share the vision of the 268 Generation. In the Spring of 2002, Passion hosted the Thirsty Conference, its first gathering specifically for campus ministers.  Now heading toward another OneDay in May of 2003, Passion will continue to seek to glorify God, inspiring this generation to live for His name.


As a part of the passion network, Louie heads sixstepsrecords, a worship label partner with Sparrow Records. In addition to his responsibilities with Choice/Passion, Louie speaks in various ministry settings throughout America and the world. Here, Louie shares his heart for OneDay.


Crosswalk.com: Can you tell us how OneDay came about?


Louie Giglio:  Well, Passion had been on a journey since 1997. We started having a four-day college conference in Austin in '97, and 2000 students were there. It was a great beginning for us.  By '99, almost 11,500 students came to Ft. Worth. Things were tracking along. But we started thinking, you know, at the rate we're going, we're doubling every year, it's going to take us a long time to really impact the 16,000,000 college students in America. We also realized that the answer for the dilemma of the college campus in America is not really a conference, it's to do what God asked us to do thousands of years ago and the call from the prophet Joel.


Joel said, "Blow a trumpet in Zion-declare a fast-proclaim a solemn assembly and gather the people." A few verses earlier, he says, "Return to me with all Your heart." So we decided to go for that and say to any college student in America, "If you have a burden for your generation and a burden for your campus, we believe the answer is not Passion, the answer is not another conference, the answer is not some program. The answer is to rend our hearts and bow on the ground and say, 'Lord, please come and help us.'"


And so the call went out for OneDay, and that's as simple as the invitation was, and that's really what that day is all about.


Crosswalk.com: Do you find this generation truly is repentant?