Believing in Jehovah God provides assurance of salvation, something else that is foreign to worshipers of Allah. "Muslims carry a burden all their lives," said Iraj. "God is unknown to them, and they are never sure about whether they'll be allowed into heaven."

5. "They're uninterested in spiritual conversations."
"Actually, Muslims like to talk about God," said Lamos. "In Islam, God is sovereign. He designed and controls all of life, so it is the most natural thing in the world to talk about him, especially if you talk about God in the context of your daily life."

However, debates and well-reasoned logical presentations of the gospel seldom bring Muslims into the kingdom, says Stewart. "When you press a Muslim about his faith he will always defend his religion. Instead, it is best to explain Christian values through parables and personal stories rather than the Bible. Take time to open your life to him. It is far better that you whet his appetite and allow him to ask questions about your beliefs."

Stewart relates the story of an American man who was painting a storefront and noticed a lone Middle Eastern man walking in the street in front of the store. He struck up a conversation, and the man came around every day for a week. By the end of the week they had become such good friends that the Muslim man was willing to visit church. Today, that man is an elder in an Iranian church.

In Part Two of this article, learn about the difficulties, possibilities, and good news of reaching out to the Muslims around us.

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