One of the things I learned early in life is that there’s no excuse good enough to miss out on the life that God has chosen for me. The Scripture demonstrates over and over again that God uses the least of the least to pull off His greatest victories. And as embarrassing as that can sometimes be, it’s how I see myself.

The fact that I paid for an abortion alone could’ve kept me on the sidelines. But despite that horrific ordeal, God has graciously allowed me to speak at Crisis Pregnancy centers and help them raise millions of dollars over the past decade. Because I’ve failed in so many ways, God gets all the glory for anything and everything that comes out of my life worth mentioning. No matter what befalls me, if God can still use me, as embarrassing and humbling as it might be, I want to be used. And I want the same for you.

What’s Your Excuse?

What’ve you been using as an excuse not to serve God? Are you weak? Perfect. When lives are changed and people are transformed, God will get double the glory—first for the result, and again because He used you to bring about the miracle. Are you wounded? Perfect. When God uses a wounded person to heal someone else, not only will He get the glory for the result in the life of the sick, but He will also be glorified when people see how your assistance of others began a healing process in you. Are you untalented? Perfect. God desires willingness, not talent. I’m inviting you to abandon the excuses that keep you stagnant and self-absorbed, then pick up your life and serve God. When you do, you’ll be astounded at the healing that’ll come into your life.

Come Alive

This wise counsel by Harold Whitman was sprawled across the page of the July-August 2004 edition of Relevant magazine: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that, because the world needs people who have come alive.”

When you pick up your life and serve, you come alive in a way you never dreamed. Your eyes sparkle with the delight of having made a difference. Your soul stirs in anticipation of God using you the next time you’re in His service. It’s the evidence that you “get it” when it comes to understanding how God works. He doesn’t work because of our strength, but despite our weakness. He doesn’t wait until we’re strong enough to help the weak, He takes us in our weakness, connects us with other weak people, and does a mighty work to heal them as He continues to heal us.

Have you made every healing choice except for the one to serve God? If so, you’re not fully aware of what your life can be. Be excited about that. All the previous choices are meant to bring you to this point—the place of service. They’re rendered weak and shallow if they don’t lead you to this place and motivate you to reach out to others.

Survey Yourself

Perhaps you feel that you could and should do more, but remain at a loss as to where you best fit. I’ve put together a few questions that I think will help you begin identifying what talents, skills, and gifts you may possess. Take some time to ponder them.

1. Do you have a talent that’s appealing to others?
2. Do you have a strength that stands out?
3. Do you have an interest that’s unique?
4. Do you have a personality trait that stands out?
5. Is there something you do that’s outstanding?
6. Have you had a desire to do something for years, but haven’t yet acted on it?
7. Do you have more of something—perhaps money, time, or patience—than most people?
8. Is there a skill or quality in your life you feel is being wasted?
9. Is there someone in your life that continues to ask you about helping others because you have an expertise or a resource they could use?
10. Have you experienced something that’s potentially devastating, and come through it with wisdom that could benefit someone going through similar circumstances?