But, get a new job I did and over the course of the next year I grew spiritually and was-overall-happy, though I was still hurt and confused. One afternoon I received a phone call from my old employer, asking what time I got off from my new job and if I could come by the office to talk with him and his wife before I went home for the day.


I said I could and told him what time I would be there. A few hours later, I sat across a table from the two of them and listened as they told me that some time after my departure, money came up missing again. Finally, in a sting operation, they were able to catch the front office secretary. Charges had been filed, but now "old wounds" needed to be healed. "Can you ever forgive us?" the doctor asked.


God had not forgotten my innocence! "Absolutely," I said.


That was nearly 15 years ago and we remain good friends. Better still, I am free from the hurt of having been unjustly accused and have been able to move forward in my life spiritually and in all other ways.


To Be Charged With Truth


How might that story have been different if I were being accused of something I was guilty of? What if someone from my past walked up to me right now and said, "I remember you; you're the girl from high school who...." Or, "I remember you, you're the young woman I once knew who used to...."


Well, just fill in the blanks. I'm sure I've done it, and if I haven't done it I probably thought about doing it, which Christ said was tantamount to having done it.


I have a young friend who says, "You couldn't have possibly ever done anything wrong. I just can't imagine it."


Imagine it.


But, God has not forgotten the accused!


Neither has the devil. He delights in reminding us of our past sins; of insisting that we couldn't possibly be clean enough...worthy enough...saved enough.... He sneers and hisses while pointing his finger toward us as he spits out his charges.


"You did this!"


Yes, I did.


"You thought that!"


Yes, I did.


"You said-"