Back in the '70s I was a nursing student (not one of my finer life memories, but if I go into that, I'll digress) among several hundred other students who were-ahem-privileged to watch the dissecting of a cadaver (corpse) for the purpose of medical study. Lucky me, I was among those chosen to stand shoulder to shoulder with the doctor performing the procedure.


I don't remember a lot about that day, but I do remember the doctor showing us the collection of bones around the wrist and pointing to the spot where Roman nails would have been driven into the condemned man of the crucifixion. "A perfect place," the doctor called it, then looked me square in the eye. "Do you know what this means?" he asked.


I was young. I didn't know anything about anything, so I shook my head. Besides, even if I had known what it meant, I wouldn't have wanted to make a fool of myself in front of this brilliant man and my fellow students. "No, sir," I answered.


"It means," he began, "that when God created man, He knew one day His Son would be held to a cross by a nail, and so fashioned a place for it. Even creating man, Father God knew what it could cost Him."


(Take a moment to place the thumb of one hand at the base of the underside of the other hand with the index finger at the upper side base. Do you feel the little circle there? This is where the Roman nails would have been driven. Contrary to works of art depicting a different scenario, the bones of the actual hand cannot hold a man's weight and would have therefore ripped the flesh, defeating the purpose.)


Could You?

This year, as in years past, many American mothers and fathers have sent their offspring off to war, to fight for the rights found in freedom, which we have so enjoyed in this country but often times take for granted. As goodbyes are said, the parents are keenly aware these may be the last words spoken, though some will see one another-alive and well-soon. While many of these parents will tell you it is a privilege and honor to our country, still it is difficult to let say not know for certain....


But Father God and His Son knew for certain.

Would you do the same? Could you?


For those who have paid the price of a child's life for the continued rights of freedom, let be begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Freedom is a precious thing. There is, for Christians, another costly freedom outside the boundaries of political rights. There is the liberty of being called a Child of God, to approach Him in prayer, to live on earth knowing that eternity, for us, has already begun. As Calvin Miller penned, "Eternity is now."1 Not because of anything noble that we have done, but because of the sacrifice of God.


With All That Invested...