If our stories are just individual chapters in the full story—God’s story—they give meaning to everything. Disasters are not random bits of chaos. We may not know why they happen, but as Christians we can be certain they have meaning because the story is being authored by God. If we begin to feel panicked that our chapters might not end happily, we can rest in the fact that the ends of our chapters are not the end of the story. Our stories and God’s story will come together and go on for eternity, filled with adventure and comedy and music and amazing feats and all kinds of things we cannot even begin imagine. Looking at our lives as small chapters in a much larger story will elevate the meaning of everything we do. Our choices and actions will send ripples throughout eternity, throughout the rest of the story. The real story. The story.

We are not alone. We do not live meaningless lives. We believers are part of the most amazing adventure ever written, and it will go on for all of eternity. A change in perspective, coupled with solid knowledge of the truth, can make all the difference in the world.

David Carl is the Creative Director of Insight for Kids, the children’s ministry of Insight for Living and creator of Paws & Tales, heard on over 450 radio outlets worldwide and to a growing online audience through webcasts and podcasts. Launched as a weekly radio drama for kids in 2001 by Insight for Living, Paws & Tales teaches children biblical theology through story, humor, and music.
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