When Bill was young, he wanted to play professional baseball, and I wanted to go to Tibet.  In truth, neither of us had any business doing either….


In September – “The Ring.”  It was purchased with every penny of the 65-dollar love offering Billy had received from Sharon Presbyterian Church.


God, let me be all he ever dreamed of loveliness and laughter.  Veil his eyes a bit because there are so many little flaws; somehow, God, please let him see only the bride I long to be, remembering ever after – I was all he ever dreamed of loveliness and laughter.


Those sentiments were rather youthful…and short-lived.


“I will not become a Baptist.  I have always been and will always remain in the Presbyterian Church!”


“I’d like you to raise a family.”


“I still think I should be a missionary.”


“Listen, do you or do you not think the Lord brought us together?”




“Then I’ll do the leading and you’ll do the following.”


I almost slapped the ring back into his hand –


Train our love…discipline it too…deepen it through the years, age and mellow it until, time that finds us old without, within, will find us lovers still.


I’ve been following ever since.


Father, You are the author of marriages made in Heaven.  But it’s not always easy to experience heaven on earth with the pressures of daily life.  Help us to be of one heart and mind, to work together, to submit to one another, to quickly resolve conflicts, and to practice forgiveness.  Fill our home with Your love and Your presence.  Amen.


Reprinted by permission. "Footprints of a Pilgrim, Ruth Belle Graham, 2001, W. Publishing, A Division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved.

Taken from Seasons of Love: Celebrating the Tender Moments in Life by Karen Hardin (White Stone Books, 2005)