Janet: You kind of started doing nonfiction and now you into writing fiction. Do you have a preference or it seems like you use fiction very skillfully to reveal truth?


North: I write a weekly syndicated newspaper column, I’m also working on for Fox, working on some nonfiction, I love writing. It’s a gift that I have, and certainly the Gold Medallion is a recognition that the gift has been appreciated. I think, my responsibility is to use that gift and those talents that I’ve got for the good and the glory of God. That’s my challenge. My son-in-law who’s the pastor of a church gave a sermon about that yesterday, reminds of that every day that I’m supposed to use those gifts for that purpose. So whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, whether it’s my weekly column or whether it’s broadcasting for Fox, that’s the purpose of using those gifts.


Janet: Switching a little bit over to you and your life. What would like to do, where would you most like to go in the next five to 10 years?


North: Well, gosh, listen, I’d be an astronaut. I’d like to. But I also realize, I’m probably going to get the opportunity to do more of what I do at Fox, and that’s hang around with heroes. That’s all I do for Fox is hang around with heroes for my show War Stories and for covering the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and I guess maybe Liberia next, I don’t know. Second of all, I plan to continue to write. For as long as my eyes hold up and my pen’s got some ink in it. Lastly, I, and actually firstly, I am blessed to be not only the husband of one and the father of four, but now the grandfather of three and soon to be the grandfather of two more. So those are the parts of my life that are important. The first two provide an opportunity for me to spend more time with those that I love so much. I keep doing it as long as I’ve got the strength to do it.


Janet: Yeah, I was just wondering if there was an area that you haven’t visited maybe that you’d like to.


North: I don’t want this to sound like I’m bragging, but I’ve had a pretty exciting life.


Janet: Yes, you have.


North: And there’s darn few people around who’ve had the chance to do as many things in life that I’ve had the chance to do. And certainly not all of them are pleasant, but they’re all experiences that allow me to put into books those kinds of things in a fairly realistic way because I’ve had that experience. And so, I know there’s a lot of people who are very gifted authors and writers who’ve never done them. I’m blessed that I’ve not only done them but I’ve had the chance to write about them as well.


Janet: Well, again, the last area I wanted to talk with you about, your bio states you’re most proud of being a husband and father, and you just mentioned that as well. How did you meet your wife?


North: I was actually introduced to my wife by my cousin, who worked for us. She was a retail sales manager of the Hecht company, which is a big retail department store. She was a business major, retailing major in college. And my cousin worked for her. And encouraged me to take her out on a date and I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.