Billed as a "solemn assembly," OneDay03 is not to be confused with an ordinary outdoor music festival. "Our purpose is to consecrate our lives," says Passion founder/director Louie Giglio. "To consecrate simply means to set apart.  We are setting apart our lives for the purposes and glory of God.  The Joel 2 challenge that the OneDay vision springs from says it this way, 'Gather the people, consecrate the assembly.'"


Thousands of college-aged young people are expected to gather in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening in this generation over Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27, on a private 400-acre ranch in Sherman, Texas. 


The unique purpose of Passion and OneDay03 is to bring together college students from campuses and churches across the nation, uniting them across ministry and denominational lines to seek the face of God together in worship and prayer.  Affirming and valuing the work of local churches and campus ministries, Passion seeks to foster unity and connectivity among them, encouraging them to draw strength and encouragement from each other, resulting in a louder anthem of God's renown.


"I was a participant at OneDay 2000, and I can tell you that I've rarely been a part of anything I was more certain God could use to change a generation. OneDay is totally unique. Totally God," explains Beth Moore, author/director of Living Proof Ministries in Houston, Texas.


Prior to the final closing session Tuesday morning, May 27, various well-known worship leaders, bands and speakers will lead the students through movements of intercession, celebration, confession, reflection, adoration and repentance.


Missions Mobilization


"We believe thousands of students are connecting with God's heart for the nations and want to spread His fame across the world, but they need guidance in finding their unique roles in missions and getting plugged into available opportunities," says Cindy Formato, OneDay03 mobilization coordinator. "Many have the false precept that being involved in missions requires traveling to various countries and sharing the salvation message, but the truth is that everyone can be involved in missions during everyday life, regardless of location or profession. Our hope is that students will visit the mobilization tent and leave with a new understanding of their roles in missions, connecting with people and organizations capable of helping them achieve their mobilization goals." 


Located in a large tent in the "City Center" at OneDay03, the mobilization area is designed to help students encounter God's heart for the nations.  Leading the students through a progression of rooms and hallways, guides will equip students with general missions awareness, including the 10/40 Window and other unreached people groups, mission tools and resources, and other foundational knowledge. 

Talking and praying with students along the way, guides will help the students identify giftings, passions, and skills that may be useful in discovering what role God is calling them to play in missions.