As the clock ran out, the Titans scored. Then, the officials-who, just seconds earlier had signaled a touchdown-took the points off the board. They had interpreted a rule in such a way that had never been used before and probably would never be used again. The end result: The Titans lost.


To many, it seemed as if the victory had literally been stolen. But in interviews after, Jeff exhibited his life verse, Isaiah 30:15: "quietness and confidence shall be your strength."


"The way he handled himself with such integrity, and it was televised to the world, blessed me so immensely," Juli says. "We laid in bed that night and I said to Jeff, 'Does it make it more difficult for you to believe that the Lord did what He did because we lost that game?' And he said to me, 'No. It's my faith that gets me through.' Therein lies the victory. On Christ this solid rock we stand-our faith had not been shaken. In the world's eyes, the victory is in winning the game, but God did something so much more."

This article originally appeared in FaithTalk Magazine, a publication of Salem Publishing, located in Nashville, Tennessee. (c) 2002, Salem Publishing.