As John Tuitele, Chairman of the Board for Prayer for the Persecuted Church, says, "We maintain that these prayers encourage those who are suffering for their faith, changing physical and spiritual climates where they live, so that they may more openly exercise religious freedom and practice their Christian faith without fear of punishment."


Prayer for the Persecuted Church is a Santa Ana, Calif., based non-profit ministry established to awaken Christians and concerned others to the plight of persecuted Christians, calling them to compassionate prayer and action.


Sponsoring organizations of IDOP include the Bible League, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Christians in Crisis with Pastor Wally, Compass Direct, International Christian Concern, Iranian Christians International, Jubilee Campaign, Open Doors with Brother Andrew, The Voice of the Martyrs and World Evangelical Alliance.


Two Web sites -- and -- contain a wealth of information about persecuted nations, and include devotionals, prayer requests and resources for individuals, small groups, Sunday school classes, sermons and even children.


In addition, features a prayer map and numerous other resources for supporting the persecuted church, which can be utilized during the upcoming International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.


Here are some practical ways that you can begin to pray, provided by


  • Choose a country to pray for during the week. Pray for the specific needs of that country, for the protection of the believers there, for new hearts to be won to the Gospel, and that the persecutors in that country would come to know the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would give you special things and people to pray for in that country-be as specific as possible.

  • As you go through your day be aware of that country-find it on a globe, look it up in the library or on the Internet and watch for it on the news. Look up scriptures in the Bible to pray over that country.

  • Share prayer requests for that country with your Bible study, Sunday school class, or friends. Form a prayer group to meet and pray on a regular basis for different countries.

  • Hold a mock underground church meeting in a home or at your church. Give each participant a password or secret knock that they will need in order to enter your meeting. You could even hold your meeting outside in the woods. Then have people who are dressed as police invade your meeting. Have only one or two Bibles to share in the group. Use only the light from a lantern or candle.


However you do it, pray. Do not forget Hebrews 13:3 - "Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering."


* First story from Jesus Freaks: Stories of those Who Stood for Jesus. Published by Bethany House Publishers. Used by permission.

PHOTO from AP/Wide World:

Pakistani protesters belong to Christian minority chant slogans against the killing of Christians and the attack on Christian churches Sunday, Aug. 11, 2002, in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistani authorities are taking all possible measures to provide security to Christian institutions and all property belonging to religious minorities after the bloody attacks on a Christian school and Christian hospital. (AP Photo/K. M Chaudary)