According to the publisher's description, Hand of Providence will "help point others to the Cross of Jesus Christ – a cause that was near and dear to President Ronald Reagan's heart."

Michael Reagan
wrote in the forward: “
Dad often shared with me about the discussions he had with Billy Graham while spending time with him and how much he admired his work. Even now, with his ever failing health, there is a certain peace that comes from him, and knowing one day we will be re-united brings peace to me.

“I hope this book not only brings you a better understanding of who Ronald Reagan is, but deepens your commitment to the Lord. The greatest gift my father ever gave me was the simple knowledge that I will see him in heaven one day. I pray you are there with us.”

Reagan's God and Country
by Tom Freiling (2000) is an inspirational collection of quotes by the president and stories about him that reveal his strong religious convictions. Readers will learn that Reagan believed in America's Christian roots, championed the struggle of good versus evil, advocated prayer and fasting, defended the rights of the unborn, celebrated strong family values, upheld the virtue of patriotism and supported prayer in schools and more.

Freiling said in a 2000 author interview that his motivation in writing the book was to offer “an unbiased, factual record of President Reagan's moral compass. Not since Lincoln had a President addressed spiritual issues, yet most of his critics disparage his strong religious convictions. This book gives the truth behind the question: Was Reagan a Christian?”

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