Cost of Freedom

This is depicted so wonderfully through the work of the Cross by the price Christ paid to rescue us. He answered our 911 call by giving His life for us. One way we commemorate His perpetual gift of life is through communion. "Do this in remembrance of Me" was the instruction our Lord gave us. He said each time we take communion we do it to remember. We remember His great act of love and the tragedy by which that love was bestowed on us.   At the same time we are reminded of God's grace and hope for our future. 

As followers of Jesus Christ we reflect on the 911 tragedy with this in mind.  There's something we can do. We can rise up and rescue the perishing, bringing a message of hope. We can be those true witnesses who rescue lives spoken of in Prov. 14:25. 

It's our time, our season, to demonstrate the love of Christ to our communities, our nation and the world. Let's give 911 a renewed meaning of hope. It's time to answer His call.


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