Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Richard Blackaby's book, Unlimiting God: Increasing Your Capacity to Experience the Divine, (WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, 20087).

Has it been a long time since you’ve experienced a fresh and exciting encounter with God? Are you satisfied with the current level of your relationship with Him, or do you want to keep growing closer every day?

There’s no limit to the amazing work God wants to do in and through you. But your own choices can limit your relationship with God. Breaking free of self-imposed limits will empower you to enjoy spiritual growth beyond you’ve dreamed is possible.

Here’s how you can remove the limits from your relationship with God:

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Shake up your soul by breaking out of the status quo in your life and pursuing God with a passion every day. God doesn’t intend for you to become comfortable or complacent in your walk with Him. Look forward to the new adventures He has for you. Invite Him to transform you into the person He knows you can become. Make your relationship with God your top priority, above all else. Expect God to constantly do something extraordinary in and through your life.

Dive from the surface down into the depths. Do more than just hanging out on the surface of faith, believing the basics but not truly living what you believe. Go deeper spiritually. Don’t just claim to believe in God’s power – actually experience it. Remember that God is always present with you; ask Him to make you aware of His presence. Read the promises God makes in the Bible, and trust Him to fulfill those promises in your own life. Every day, make decisions that reflect a real trust in God to help you with the situations you face.

Expect victory. Instead of letting life’s struggles defeat you, fight back with the spiritual power that’s available to you as a Christian. Broken dreams and relationships aren’t God’s will for you. Do something about the challenges you face by praying about each one, and obey God whenever He leads you to speak redemptive words or take redemptive action in a situation. Trust God to accomplish good purposes through even the worst circumstances. Expect that, through God’s power, you can emerge victorious from every struggle you face.


Stop limiting what you hear from God. God won’t reveal more truth to you than you’re capable of receiving. If you want to hear deep revelations from God, you need to move from a shallow to a deep relationship with Him. Read the Bible often, and make a habit of writing down what God says to you when you read it. Listen for more than just general devotional thoughts. Ask God to speak to you in specific ways about your own life right now, and apply what He says. Don’t stop reading your Bible just because you’re familiar with what it says. Expect God to use familiar passages in new ways in your life every day. Whenever you sense God leading you to say or do something, obey Him. Often, God will withhold more revelations from you until you respond to what He has already told you. But once you obey, He’ll speak to you in fresh ways. Ask God to do whatever is necessary in your life for you to hear Him speaking clearly.

Stop limiting God’s work through you. God will match His assignments with your character and your walk with Him. If you want God to entrust you with big jobs, you’ve got to have a big relationship with Him. Expect that, as you faithfully fulfill each small assignment God gives you, He’ll gradually increase the scope of each assignment. Be faithful with each little thing, and expect to see God expand the work He does through you. Each assignment you complete prepares you for the next one. Ask God to build your character and faith. Then be prepared for growing pains, because spiritual growth most often comes through overcoming adversity. Be willing to sacrifice your comfort in order to grow in significant ways. Ask God to remove obstacles that are hindering your service to Him (such as pride, fear, and greed) and replace them with qualities that will empower you to serve Him better (like humility, faith, and forgiveness). Pray for God to develop you in all the best ways as you work for Him. Whenever you’re frustrated by a lack of progress in your ministry, don’t make excuses or blame others. Instead, take a hard look at your life and be honest about what God is calling you to change so you’re not blocking the work He wants to do through you.