What do you dream about? How would you like God to bless your life? Whatever your dreams are, you can be sure that God is rooting for you. He has placed desires within you, and His dreams for your life are even bigger than any you can dream yourself.


But what can you do when your dreams aren't yet fulfilled? How can you arrive at the destiny God has prepared for you?


Here are 10 tests we all must go through to see our dreams come true. Once you pass them, you can follow God into your destiny!


1. The pride test.
Ask God to reveal pride that's holding you back. Understand that your true identity is in Christ - not in what you accomplish. Recognize that your worth comes from the fact that you're one of God's beloved children and remember that without Him, you can't do anything. Ask God to give you the confidence you need to be secure in who you are, no matter what your current circumstances. Don't brag about your dreams; when you discuss them with others, keep the focus on God rather than yourself. Spend time with God in prayer every day and let your time in His presence humble you and remind you of His unconditional love for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern which of your dreams are from God and which are not. Let go of dreams that are not from God so you can free up time and energy to pursue the ones that are from Him. Then, rather than focusing mainly on a specific dream, pursue the One who has given you that dream - God Himself.


2. The pit test.
Know that all of us sometimes go through situations that feel like "the pits" - times of suffering that surprise us. Recognize that "pits" are a natural part of life in our fallen world. If you've played some part in causing yourself to fall into a pit, acknowledge your own responsibility. If other people's actions have put you in a pit, don't waste time blaming them. However you came to be in a pit, know that you can trust God to get you out if you call upon Him for help. Rather than focusing on your circumstances, focus on God's faithfulness. Remember that nothing is too hard for God. Know that, no matter how big your pit is, God is big enough to get you out of it. Don't complain; instead, humbly call out to God for help.


3. The palace test.
Realize that God is watching to see whether or not you can be trusted with little things before He decides to give you bigger things. Show God that you're a faithful steward of all the resources He has entrusted to you. Be honest, even when no other person is looking. Work hard at all you do, even when it seems like no reward awaits you for doing so. Know that God really does want you to prosper in all aspects of your life - your family, your job, your health, etc. Understand that the key to experiencing success is God's presence in your life, the key to His presence is your obedience to Him, the key to obedience is faith to believe what God has said, and the key to faith is hearing the Word of God. So get to know the Bible and watch your faith increase. Then, as faith comes, obedience will follow. When you obey God, God will honor you with His presence. Then He will pour out His blessings into your life.