This increased interest in matters of faith is evidenced in the large number of responses to Campus Crusade for Christ’s recently-launched website,  In about a two-month period, this site has had approximately 65,000 visitors with more than 6,000 making decisions for Christ.  Emails continue to pour in from people who are asking crucial faith questions and want help:

  • “When I read [The Da Vinci Code] I started to disbelieve Christ and it almost changed me.  I want Christ back; will I be able to?”
  • “Help me know about Christ because The Da Vinci Code book has got me confused.”
  • “I am a [person from another religion].  I have lots of problems in my life . . . I always think I am lost in the world.  My own religion could not answer my questions . . . Can you answer me?”


As the public discussion regarding “The Da Vinci Code” movie and its fictitious claims grows, the interest in spiritual issues will continue to increase.  This is a critical time for the Church.  Again, not only because it’s vital that distortions in Dan Brown’s story are shown for what they are, but also because an incredible window of opportunity is now open to reach people’s hearts with the Gospel.

Reaching Seekers With The Real Truth About Jesus Christ
Healthy debate regarding significant spiritual issues has always been a vital part of a sincere search for the Truth. 

However, all the recent controversy surrounding The Da Vinci Code has also led to confusion for many people.  One of the main reasons is that Dan Brown’s narrative creatively intertwines historical facts within the fictional story.  For most readers, as well as movie audiences, distinguishing the facts from the fiction is not an easy task.  The Da Vinci Code makes references to hidden documents and secret societies, about which most people will know very little, if anything at all, prior to reading the book or seeing the movie.

Careful examination will show that the distorted views about Jesus and the Christian faith in The Da Vinci Code do not, in fact, have the historical basis that the story claims to offer.  A significant difficulty for readers and movie audiences, however, is the vast majority simply do not have the time or the resources to do a thorough investigation on their own.

As part of efforts to provide these much-needed resources to help people discover the Truth, Campus Crusade for Christ has created two publications.  The first is a book by Josh McDowell entitled, The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers.  Josh’s book offers an in-depth exploration of the issues brought up in the book and movie, refuting the major claims and pointing readers to the Jesus Christ of Scripture.

In a concise format, this publication makes the most important points clear, such as:

• There is overwhelming historical evidence for the accuracy and reliability of the New Testament.
• The New Testament clearly teaches that Jesus is the Son of God who rose again from the dead.
• The claim that Jesus married and had a child has no solid historical basis.

After presenting the evidence, this magazine invites seekers to examine the Gospel and receive Christ.

If you would like to know more about these efforts, including how you can help place these publications into the hands of people who need to hear the Truth, you can do so by going online.  Also available are additional apologetic and evangelistic resources, a full electronic version of the mini-magazine, and information on how to receive your own copy of Josh’s book.  Simply visit: