No question that evangelizing Jews is a tough task for JFJ, but the ministry is not just about sharing the gospel with Jews. Perlman points out that for every Jew who is led to Christ, five Gentiles also come along.


Perlman offers some practical ways by which Christians can initiate spiritual conversation with Jewish friends and co-workers:


1. First, bathe the whole situation in prayer. You can always have a priestly ministry of prayer even if we don't have a prophetic ministry of proclamation;


2. Treat Jewish friends as friends and don't be a spiritual scalp hunter. Let them know you care for them as a person.


3. Share from you own life experiences. How has God answered your prayers? How has he worked in your life?


4. Offer to pray for them. Most Jewish people will accept such an offer.


5. Ask questions that lead to spiritual discussion, such as inquiring about a Jewish holiday that is coming up. Most Jewish people are not used to Christians listening to them.


6. Try to dispel some of the misconceptions and stereotypes that Jewish friends have of Christians. Say to a Jewish friend that you're grateful to God to the Jewish people because of the promises that come through scripture to all (Godly) believers.


7. Offer to sit down and share something out of a Jewish Bible. A lot of Jews think the Christian Bible is different, so they'll be more receptive to opening their own book.