In his priceless work, Into the Depth of God, Dr. Calvin Miller wrote: There’s not one verse in the entire Bible that teaches we are going to have life after death. The Bible teaches we can have life instead of death. Jesus Christ comes into a life, and at that precise moment eternal life begins. Someday pulse or respiration may cease, but not us — we will already have taken the giant step into the pleasure of God! Heaven begins at that moment. Eternity is now (emphasis mine).[v]


The Ah-ha Moment
The shepherds heard the Good News first, the ancient Hebrews were freed by Moses, ancient Israel was led to victory by Deborah after their stubborn fall back into slavery, Zechariah learned that a time in silence is filled by a time of singing, Mary was empowered to do what otherwise she could not have done, Hannah learned that the only true sacrifice is total sacrifice, David had a life well-lived, and — one great day — believers from every nation will sing the Song of the Lamb.


In this way, you heard the Gospel, you asked Jesus to free you from the slavery of sin, you tripped and fell and had to call out to Him again. As you walk with Him you learn that a time of silence is followed by a time of singing, that in order to do what you are called to do, you must pour out of yourself to be filled with His Holy Spirit. Hopefully, at the end of your life you will recount a life well-lived and will, with the redeemed and the angels, sing the Song of the Lamb!


In the course of the Christian life, we must experience maturity in Christ. We take it one step, one note, one measure, and one song at a time.


And then we sing! For He alone is holy!

Award-winning national speaker Eva Marie Everson is a graduate of Andersonville Theological Seminary. Her most sought after conference topic is “Arise, My Soul, Arise” in which she explores the songs of the Bible. She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at


[i] 1 Samuel 1:11

[ii]  See 2 Samuel and Psalms 18