The POWER that placed Jesus in Mary’s womb is the same power that raised Him from the dead thirty-plus years later. It is the same power He used to raise the dead and heal the sick and it is the same power He passes on to those who would believe in Him and accept it.


The Ah-ha Moment
Mary was just an ordinary girl. She surely thought her life would consist of marriage and motherhood followed by death. Nothing spectacular. She was just living her life.


Like so many of us. The difference in Zechariah and Mary is that while he doubted and was kept silent for a season, Mary was empowered and sang!


A close study of Mary’s Song, found at the end of Luke 1, reveals a wealth of knowledge of spiritual matters. There are over 20 references to Old Testament scriptures. She says she will be called “blessed,” which is translated “counted.” There is, from her, a sense of humbleness and exaltation. Extraordinary from such a young girl.


But, to be the mother of God, she would need God’s power living and dwelling in her far after she pushed Him from her womb. There is no doubt in my mind that she had exactly that.


So again I ask: what about you? What is it you want to do with your life? Just live it out, or do something which will be counted? If the latter, are you trying to do it alone, or do you have the power?

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[i] Literal translation of the song, O Magnum Mysterium

[ii] See Luke Luke 1:42-43

[iii] That well still stands in Nazareth and is called Mary’s Well.

[iv] See Luke 1