There are so many ah-ha moments within this passage; it would take article after article to address them all. So, let’s jump ahead to what may be the most obvious.


At one time — if you are a believer — you most likely were enslaved by sin. In all my years of ministry, I have had but one person walk up to me and say, “I have lived a life solely unto the Lord and have nothing to give a testimony on. Boring, but blessed, I am.”


Most of us have lived lives enslaved by our enemy, the devil. He is our Pharaoh and a lifestyle of sin is our Egypt. Try hard as we may, and even though we want freedom more than anything imaginable, we can’t break the bondages of slavery on our own. We need a leader who commands our release. We need Jesus!


When we are ready to pack up and go, however, we may find that the Lord leads us in some unlikely directions. We may also find that the enemy isn’t too thrilled with our departure, and so he will pursue us. But our God will enable us if we trust His guidance. He will be — by the power of his Holy Spirit — our cloud by day and our fire by night so that whether life’s road is clear or dark, we can move forward.


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[1] For more on this part of Joseph’s story, read Genesis  39-41

[2] Exodus 13:17b-18a

[3] Read Exodus 14 for more on this part of the story.

[4] Excerpted from Exodus 15, The Song of Moses and Miriam