Safe shelter.  Plenty to eat.

A choice of clothes.  Shoes on my feet.

A loving family.  A comfortable bed.

Friends to laugh with.  Pillows for my head.

They are simple things that I’m thankful for

And each year I appreciate them more.


Eyesight to see.  Books I can read.

Doctors close by. A staff to lead.

The ability to smile, the freedom to choose
Who to vote for… win or lose.

Strength for any task, Money to give.

A savior who died so that I can live.


The blessings go on, too numerous to mention

God is so good, He deserves my attention.

When I think of all He’s done, and how He first loved me

I want to bless Him back with a life lived generously!


Our forefathers were wise when they set aside a day, every year, for our nation to recount the goodness of the Lord to us.  Just think of our jobs, our homes (with flush toilets!), the choices we have in every area of our lives. People in most other nations dare not even dream of a life like ours.  God has truly made us rich in every way.


Why? Why of all people on earth are we so richly blessed? 


It is not because we are greater, wiser, lovelier and more deserving than others.  It is God’s amazing grace – our God; whose ways are higher than our ways and whose thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  In pouring His grace on us He has several reasons. 


First, God loves us; but since He loves the whole world that doesn’t fully explain our blessing. 

Second, our nation was founded on Biblical principles, dedicated to Him, bathed in prayer that continues still, and we continue to benefit from His promise to bless the children of those who fear Him and obey His commands.  I’m so thankful we had godly forefathers! 

Third, we have been “made rich in every way so that we can be generous on every occasion, and that our generosity will result in thanksgiving to God!” II Cor. 9: 11 


The Apostle Paul goes on to explain that God gives us everything we need so that we can abound in good works.  We know, of course, works does not save us, but good works flow out of our love for and gratitude to God. The service God has in mind for us will provide for the needs of God’s people who are not now as amply supplied as we are; so that they can have a heart full of thanksgiving as well!


This is a truth I see in action virtually every day.  Recently a mayor in Romania shared with me that her village of 3000 people had no running water.  Even in the dead of winter they have to use outside pumps to draw water.  She explained to me with desperation the hardship this causes the people, especially the very young and the very old. 

Before the end of the day I was able to tell her that because of the generosity of caring Christians through Operation Blessing, her village would have a municipal well providing them plenty of fresh, pure water for their homes before year’s end. The news brought tears of joy to her.  When she was finally able to speak again, she couldn’t stop giving thanks to God and his people!