I mean, could you imagine Jesus creating a hammer and using it as a screwdriver?!

So that begs the question - how is it then that so many people are doing things that they were never made to do? Why is it that so many are working in jobs that they really aren't suited for; that they really don't enjoy?

Could it be that, not having truly worked out who we are, we haven't yet discovered what we were made to do? Could it be that we're off doing one thing, when all along, the Master made us to be and to do something entirely different?

Personality, Personality

Now there are several different factors and influences that end up shaping who we are.

Obviously our Personality Type is one. The DNA part of who we are - the Personality Type that we were given when we were conceived. This is sometimes referred to as our nature.

Then there's the nurture - the things that happen to us along the way; the things we experience. Things like the culture in which we live, the generation into which we were born, our upbringing, our education. Whether we had encouraging parents and teachers, or critical ones.

But in human terms, what makes a hammer a hammer and a screwdriver a screwdriver is our Personality Type. The DNA thing. The thing that we've been given right from the beginning.

Think about it - what makes a plum tree a plum tree, an apple tree an apple tree, and an apricot tree an apricot tree? The DNA of each of the trees right?

But what determines how soon a tree bears fruit, the size of the fruit and the taste of the fruit? Well in part it's the DNA, but in part it's also where the tree's been planted, the climate, the amount of rain it gets, whether it gets enough sunshine, whether the soil has enough nutrients and the right properties for optimal drainage, whether it's too windy or too cold or too hot … or just right.

All those things will impact on the timing and the quality of the fruit of each of the trees. And so it is with us. There are things that are determined in our DNA - our nature, and things that happen to us along the way - our nurture.

Now if you're a Christian, you may at this point be asking yourself - Is this biblical, or is this just some worldly philosophy that Keith and Berni have spun together under the guise of God's Word?

And if you're asking yourself that question, I would suggest that it's a very, very good question to be asking. Because for so long, the subject of Personality Type has lived exclusively in the world's domain - a thing that psychologists and like disciplines have produced as a matter both of pure science (to describe and understand people) and as something that's been popularised in many systems of personality typing, to help people make some sense of who they are.

That's all well and good - but the question that I asked when I first started listening to Keith talking about this tool he called "my personality GPS" was this: Is what you're talking about in God's Word?

And to my joy, what I discovered, was a resounding "yes"!

Now "my personality GPS" is simply a tool that provides a clear representation of the biblical truth that each one of us is made differently. Its purpose is so that we can locate our own particular Personality Type (hence the acronym GPS - Global Positioning System). What's my personality, where do I fit in?

And it's based on two key biblical texts. Firstly on this one:

He answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself." (Luke 10:27)

It seems a little odd this particular Scripture - but what Jesus is identifying here very clearly, is that there are different aspects of who we are - our heart (the seat of our emotions; the place where we feel things), our soul (all of us - the heart, the will and the mind), our strength (our will; that place where we decide things) and our mind (the place of rational thought).